Grievance Redressal Policy


Sadad is your one-stop destination for all digital payment solutions. We as a player in the service industry, requires a focused and pinpointed approach to customer service. Furthermore, the competitive market scenario necessitates that we have a solid mechanism in place to resolve/address customer complaints in a timely and effective manner, as well as compensate customers for any financial losses.

To ensure continued customer satisfaction, retention, and sustained growth of products and services, the SADAD will strive to provide the highest quality of customer service. A genuine customer complaint may exist, or it may be the result of a misunderstanding about the product or service. SADAD has put in place an appropriate mechanism for resolving customer grievances to make it easier for customers to raise their concerns.


SADAD intends to implement systems, procedures, and a review mechanism to minimize instances of customer dissatisfaction and to ensure prompt redressal of customer complaints and grievances through a comprehensive Customer Grievance Redressal Policy. Furthermore, the following are the policy's primary goals:

  • On a continuous basis, ensure unbiased, fair, and just treatment of customers, including both merchant and customer.
  • Customers should be protected from fraud, deception, and unethical practises.
  • Assess the impact of services on a regular basis in order to better serve merchants.
  • Set up a formal grievance redressal system for customers.
  • Ensure that customer issues are resolved quickly and efficiently by adhering to basic principles of transparency and integrity.
  • Educate customers on alternative escalation mechanisms, both internal and external, for resolving complaints / issues if they are dissatisfied with our response.

Complaints Handling and Resolution Process

SADAD has developed a Complaints Handling and Resolution Process to ensure that customer complaints are properly routed and handled. To ensure a prompt resolution of their issues, the Customer can read and understand the escalation matrix below

Resolution of Grievances – Internal Machinery and Time Frame

Customers can refer to specific queries/issues related to their grievance on the SADAD Support Page- Support. Customers can fill out forms for specific issues to report their complaints. Within 4-5 working days, SADAD will respond to the Customer's grievance. If the customer is unhappy with the response, he or she can escalate to the next level of escalation.

If a grievance takes more than the prescribed time span, the Customer can request an update on the status of the grievance by sending an email to, and the Customer will be kept informed of the status of the grievance.

If the Customer is dissatisfied with the answer and still has a grievance, the Customer should take his or her complaint to the Nodal Officer.

Nodal Office Address

7th Floor, Al Khair Tower, Suhaim Bin Hamad Street, Al Sadd, Doha, Qatar

Resolution of Dispute

If the Customer does not receive the services/products within the specified time span, or if the products obtained are different, faulty, or damaged, the Customer should review the Merchant's terms and conditions, delivery policy, refund/exchange/return/cancellation policy, and contact the Merchant to address the problem.

The Customer can contact the Merchant directly to address problems with a particular order by using the contact us (email or phone support) option on the Merchant's website. The Customer will exchange transaction information with the Merchant, such as the date of the transaction, the amount of the transaction, the Order ID shared by the Merchant, and a summary of the issue.


Customers with questions about order cancellations, refunds, or returns should contact the Merchant directly and follow the guidelines outlined in the Merchant's return/refund/cancellation policy. Please keep in mind that because SADAD is a payment gateway, it can only help Merchants with online payments. SADAD is not in charge of distribution or order fulfilment.

If a transaction fails or an order is not generated at the time of transaction on the Merchant's website, the Customer should receive a credit in their bank account within 5-7 business days. If the Customer has not received the amount, the Customer can contact the Merchant for more information, as refunds are handled by the Merchant.

If the Merchant refuses to process a refund to the Customer in cases where the Merchant failed to provide services or goods, the Customer may contact SADAD for assistance.

Reporting potential fraud or unauthorized transactions
or fraudulent Merchant:

With the subject line "Reporting Fraud," the Customer can instantly write to the Nodal Officer about a transaction that was not approved by the Customer or reporting about a fraudulent Merchant. For such an illegal purchase, the Customer can also file a chargeback.