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What is Subscription Payment?

When you want to bill your customer for continued usage of your product or service, instead of raising a payment request each time, you can provide an option to your user to authorize automatic deduction of billed amount from his Credit card as the case may be.

This arrangement is called subscription.

Use SADAD subscriptions to execute the automated recurring transactions on Credit card payment mode. Collect recurring payments through SADAD’s subscription payment API and invoice-based payment link.

SADAD Subscription Payment solution helps you

To collect repeat payments periodically from the existing customers.

To collect recurring payments for scenarios including SaaS, memberships, utilities, recurring donations.

Customize and control your subscriptions plans. We also cover complex business cases with discounts or multiple trial periods.

Track a status and perform any actions for each subscription, including subscription immediate or scheduled cancellations.

To boost your revenue by giving your customers an option to upgrade a subscription plan.

Onboard your customers to subscribers using payment links (No code required)

  • Create unique links for your plans within your SADAD dashboard.
  • Add subscribers, set up recurring payments for your customers at a set frequency like weekly, monthly or yearly and notify your customers
  • Share the Subscription payment Link via SMS, Email etc.
  • Accept Payments from your subscribed customers through credit card payment mode.

Integrate SADAD Subscription Payment API with your web or mobile platform

  • Integrate our REST APIs with your product to automate
  • Checkout our API documentation and explore how SADAD Subscription is the building block that lets you create customized subscription logic and pricing models.
Get subscription API document

Automated Payments

  • Link your customer to a plan, create a subscription and let our automated billing and payment technology handle the rest for you.

Dynamic Event Notifications

  • Stay notified customers about new subscriptions and all payment related activities via dynamic event notifications and be in full control of your business.
  • We provide webhook support to acknowledge you for each event.

Intuitive subscription Management with Reporting

  • Track all your subscriptions and payments using our comprehensive reports to make informed decisions.
  • We ensure that scenarios like declined card, retries on failed transaction, change of card etc. are handled to minimize declines and increase customer retention.

Make your customers from one time to life time & grow your business with SADAD’s unique Subscription Payment solution.