Save time and get you paid faster
without having online presence

Create and Send in seconds from anytime, anywhere

  • Dot SymbolCreate an online invoice in a few simple steps from any place.
  • Get invoices paid faster by offering your customers every payment option
  • Generate a payment link with a fixed amount and description in a couple of clicks through your SADAD dashboard.
  • Send our professional invoices via an email, SMS, messenger, chatbot etc.

Get paid faster by accepting payments 24/7 across the globe

Customer can make payment in just one click through their computer, mobile phones or in-personal using their credit cards or debit cards.

You’ll receive an email notification following successful payment.

Don't fret if payment fails because it will keep retrying payment until the invoice is paid in full.

Deliver your customers a seamless service experience using our solutions.

Manage and track your payments
from SADAD dashboard

You can track which invoices
are paid and unpaid,

Send reminders and accept
payments, all in real time.

SADAD Invoice API for Everything

  • Control all aspects of SADAD Invoices through powerful APIs built for enabling automation.
  • An invoice entity is created & cancelled for the items ordered on your website or app by a customer.
  • Include details about the transaction, such as the name of the purchased goods or services, amount, payment period, price breakup, receipt number, and consumer information.
  • Just send invoices to your customers and accept payments right away.

Benefit from our in-house research and knowledge you need for invoice
management in local markets

Optimize your accounts receivable

SADAD invoice payment is a virtual business platform designed to automate online billing.
Our invoice payment solution is the most efficient way to manage your accounts receivable.
Provide a customer portal for invoices, statements, bills of lading, and online payment services for easier access.

Save time and increase revenue

Generate and deliver multiple e-invoices in minutes with an environmentally friendly billing solution. Give your clients a convenient way to settle outstanding balances and shorten the billing cycle with automated payment reminders.

Automate the entire process

Our invoice payment solution helps you to consolidate paper-based processes and legacy systems into a single payments platform.
Automate to cut down on errors and improve efficiency.
SADAD automatically reminds customers to settle outstanding invoices and gives them the option to add personalized notes to help with collections.
All payments are tracked and automatically reported, so merchants can view their invoice statuses in real time.
Automates the whole operation, allows you to reduce mistakes, improve performance, and maximize cash flow.

The Fastest, Time-Saving SADAD invoice payment Service


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Clear, accurate &
customizable invoices

Recurring billing with save card option

Customer prefers the convenient language to pay (AR/EN)

No website & mobile app is required

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Let’s help you manage your bills and get paid on-time online, without even the need of having a website or mobile app