Reduce time spent chasing down with
SADAD Payment Gateway

Single API/ Plugin integration and offering maximum payment options to your customers

SADAD payment gateway supports all in house developed websites and mobile apps

Seamless and hassle-free integration
with SADAD Payment Gateway is just a click away

Integrate With Your Website

Our ready-to-integrate kit can be set up in as little as two days. There is no special configuration required, and integration is easy.

Easy plug and play plugins

Integrate With Your Mobile App

Collect Payments seamlessly through your Android or iOS app.

Ready reckoned SDKs

Enable your customers to enjoy a customised checkout experience

Make the checkout page fit the style of your website or app.

Deliver An Experience That Maximises Conversions

SADAD iFrame Checkout

Enable your customers to make secure payments without leaving your website for a seamless brand experience using our secure iFrame integration.

SADAD Merchant hosted Checkout

Use our JavaScript Library to style and build your checkout page. Only the essential fields for card number and CVV code are served by our PCI-compliant infrastructure.

Streamline your payments with our Payments API

Webhook API: Receive notifications on your personalised URL for any payment-related events that occur in your account.

Refund API: Set up auto-refunds and track transactions from the dashboard with a single click.

Invoice API: Automate the invoicing processes and make it simple to iterate as your business expands and evolves.

Subscription API: Anything can be automated with APIs created on SADAD’s dashboard, from making a schedule to billing a customer to cancelling a subscription.

Rest API Implementation: SADAD REST API supports the ability to perform purchases, recurring payments, refunds and pay-outs. Our gateway allows to process card payments. For issuing of payments by using REST APIs, you need to develop your own payment interface, with full UI control. For payment processing by using payment cards, your payment interface needs to be a PCI-compliant. (Highlight this point separately).

A pay-as-you-go system built
to manage complex transactions very easily


Eliminate the need for
manual accounting.


Manage repeat customers with subscription payments.


Process several unpaid invoices at the same time.

Get Settled amount in your preferred bank account

Superfast automated settlement with error free calculation in Payout amount.

Quickly go live with SADAD’s easy API integration

Maximize your revenue by providing the appropriate e-commerce payment options

Give them the flexibility of using their preferred one.